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A New Tradition in Family Cemeteries --- NOW OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY



Roberts Cemetery is one of Anderson County's oldest cemeteries, rich with historic charm and natural beauty.  Established in 1789, a South Carolina Historic Marker details the early beginnings of Roberts Cemetery.   Roberts Cemetery is the final resting place for many veterans who bravely served this country.  The Cemetery contains graves of veterans dating back to the Revolutionary War.  Other notable graves include:

  • Ann Anderson Hunter - daughter of Revolutionary War veteran and namesake of Anderson County, General Robert Anderson
  • Reverend John Simpson - the first minister of Roberts Presbyterian Church
  • Reverend David Humphreys - served as minister at Roberts Presbyterian Church for 39 years until his death in 1869 


Did you know...

  • The historic Roberts Cemetery, est. 1789, is now open to the community.
  • The first phase of the 336 Crypt/300 Cremation Niche Mausoleum is currently in use.
  • The second phase of the 336 Crypt/300 Cremation Niche Mausoleum is under construction with a covered pavilion.
  • Options are available:
  • Estate lots
  • Private Mausoleums
  • Flat Markers
  • Monument Markers
  • Roberts Cemetery is the only community cemetery in western Anderson County
  • Special Arrangements for Veterans



  • Constructed of steel-reinforced, poured-in-place concrete for maximum strength and durability.
  • All exterior surfaces are protected with ageless granite and architectural-grade stone, brick and finishing materials.
  • All crypts have inner closures that are permanently sealed and then memorialized with outer crypt fronts of polished granite.
  • Individual, Side-by-side and True Companion Crypts available.
  • Comparable prices to ground burial.


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Roberts Cemetery

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